New z-enemy 2.2 Nvidia GPU Miner With Support for the X16Rv2 Algorithm

With the RVN fork to X16Rv2 right around the corner already we are starting to see updates to mining software adding support for it. It has been a while since we have seen an update for the z-enemy miner, but here it is with version 2.2 adding support for X16Rv2. The latest version also adds support for secure stratum+ssl connections and comes with some fixes as well regarding a GPU data error in JSON API and a PHI2 bug on CUDA 10.1.

The latest z-enemy version 2.2 is available for CUDA 9.1, 9.2, 10.0 and 10.1 for 64-bit Windows versions as well as CUDA 9.1, CUDA 9.2 and CUDA 10 binaries for Linux (HiveOS, PiMP OS, EthOS & Ubuntu). Make sure that you have the respective recent video driver version installed for the CUDA version you want to use – 388+ for 9.1, 397+ for 9.2 and 411+ for CUDA 10.0. We remind you that z-enemy is a closed source miner software and is available only as a binary release and it contains a 1% developer fee built-in to support further software development.


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